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Whakatūpato: He nikotīni kei roto i tēnei mea, he matū tino whakawara


CigPOD Starter Kit

The Vaping Gadget Cigpod is an all-in-one kit that offers a super tiny slim compact size which is very convenient for carrying around. It is equipped with the 1.5mL pod and 370mAh battery, as well as multiple protection functions to guarantee the safe vaping. It features a 3 level intelligent LED that displays the remaining battery of the device.


Battery capacity 370mAh
Coil resistance 1.6Ω
Pod capacity 1.5ml
Air hole
3 Level battery indicator
Anodized Aluminium

Smart battery Protection functions




The protection circuit will automatically cut off the power of the device to prevent any damage to the battery when the short circuit occurs while connecting the battery and the clearomizer.


Battery Indicator

The Cig POD has 4 LED battery indicators

Easy Refilling System

Move the POD back and forth to release and carefully refill it via the liquid inlet

VG Cigpod replacement PODS

NZD $15.00

What is Pod vape?

Pod Vapes are the future, they’re small in size, easy-to-use, and typically vape that use open pod refillable cartridges. Vaping Gadget finds the new trend of smoking nicotine, the Vaping POD system, A vaping pod system is a device that is a step above a basic e-cigarette, but not as advanced as some of the larger full-sized personal vaping devices options. People who are new to vaping, and those who may be transitioning from smoking, may find personal vaping devices too large, too confusing, or too unfamiliar. However, they may find that a basic e-cigarette is too limited and doesn’t allow them enough control over their experience. For these people, vaping CIGPOD systems are the answer.
How are POD mod different ?
Since they are not as bulky as box mods or other pen-style vaporizers, pod mods usually have lower-capacity batteries that run the range of from 100mAh to 900mAh. A smaller battery also means that pod mods are physically much tinier and more comfortable to carry around than other vaping devices. There is almost no customization that you can perform on pod mod systems, and that is part of their appeal. They require little to no experience with the mechanics and mess associated with other vaping styles.
Benefits of Pod vape system
In essence, vape pods are somewhere between an e-cigarettes and a vape mod. Smokers often start out with disposable e-cigs or prefilled cartridges when they’re looking for a smoking alternative. Shifting to a more advanced mod can be a little bit of a scary prospect, what with all the buttons, flashing lights, coils, and refillable tanks. Pod mods are a nice middle ground because you don’t have to fuss with all that. Vape pods let you enjoy fresh e-liquid that’s unfettered by cotton, but also uncomplicated by the advanced nature of box mods.
Open POD System VS Close POD System
An open or closed system pod mod refers to whether the device takes only pre-filled or refillable cartridges. Both the open and closed systems have their supporters and their detractors, and there are many reasons to like and dislike either of the two.
What is Open POD System ?
An open pod is refillable pods. They can be refilled or reused multiple of time, with a variety of vape flavors and different nicotine strengths can be used.

VG Cigpods are Open POD System

What is closed POD System ?
Closed pods are non-refillable pods. They have a precise amount of e-liquid and a precise nicotine strength, most of the time you cannot use pods from other brands & the nicotine level as well as flavours are limited.

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