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VG Juicy Planet 


NZD $25.00

Delight your mind with a delectable fruit bowl heaven of juicy sweet lychee, sun-kissed strawberries and freshly-picked ripe kiwis. The authentic tastes of these mouth-watering fruits will take turns smacking your palate, sure to make the taste buds pop!


Strawberry, Lychee, Kiwi

Nicotine Strength




Mars E liquid offers a fruity trifecta experience that will satisfy your insatiable cloud cravings. On the inhale, your mouth will be flooded with the juiciest and sweetest chunks of plump lychees hailed from the Fujian province of China. Then on the exhale, sun-burst ripe strawberry and kiwi flavours soak the tongue with sweet and tangy goodness. If you are a fan of fruit-flavoured e-juice, you must try this exclusive combination of the tastiest fruits on earth!

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