A Game-Changer in Vape Devices – The New VG CigPOD Pod System


  • icon_toptab A Game-Changer in Vape Devices – The New VG CigPOD Pod System

The latest addition to VG vape devices, the new CigPOD Pod System brings your vaping lifestyle several notches up. This vape pod system is built to be user-friendly and is lightweight, handy and easy to use. This makes it a great product for traditional cigarette smokers wanting to curb their bad habits or seasoned vapers always on-the-go.

  • icon_toptab What is a Vape Pod System?

The vape culture has erupted to encourage traditional cigarette smokers to switch and take advantage of the many benefits vaping brings. These range from lowering health risks, aesthetics, convenience and impact on both the environment and non-users. Vaping adds variety to pleasure with a selection of exciting flavours and can be enjoyed in different ways. However, the inadequacy of cheap vape pens to recreate the comfort of smoking and the ridiculous complexity of using box mods have led to new challenges.

These gave birth to the development of vape pods. A vape pod system is a middle ground to both. It offers the quality and efficiency needed for a long-term transition from smoking, and the simplicity and portability that’s not possible with a standard box mod with all its intimidating extra knobs and buttons.

  • icon_toptab CigPOD Starter Kit

The all-in-one Vaping Gadget Cigpod kit delivers reliable and exceptional performance from start to finish. This open pod system with 1.5mL capacity allows quick and easy release and fewer refills. It is equipped with a 370mAh battery and multiple built-in protection functions guaranteeing safe use. Its 3-level intelligent LED indicates remaining battery power.

It utilises 1.6Ω coil resistance, so it doesn’t take much effort to draw in flavourful, satisfying hits. All these features come in an anodised aluminium package that looks sleek and impressive in all three available colours. Plus, it comes in an ergonomic design and super tiny, slim, compact size which makes it very convenient for carrying around.

  • icon_toptab Why Give This Portable Pod System a Shot?

The VG Cigpod is a user-friendly solution that’s great for new vapers. It’s also a great addition to any seasoned vaper’s arsenal to indulge in vaping­ whenever, wherever. Let’s draw deeper into its features to understand why it’s the convenient go-to vape device for you.

  • list icon warranty Ultra-Portable

At a compact size that comfortably fits into your purse, pocket, or palm; you can take this vape gadget anywhere to have your fill of flavour. This all-in-one vaping starter kit has everything you need in a very lightweight, super tiny, slim vape device. It’s handier than a pack of cigarettes. In fact, you can chuck several of this vape gadgets into your pocket and forget about them until you need another drag. And, it’s definitely more convenient than bulky, traditional mod/tank setups. But don’t get fooled by its size… the Cigpod has plenty of technology inside.

  • list icon warranty High-Tech Functions

The CigPOD has a set of 3-level intelligent LED with four battery indicators– 100%-70%, 70%-30%, 30% below, and 4 blinks at 0%. It has a USB port for convenient charging. The short circuit protection automatically cuts off power, preventing any damage to the battery when short circuits occur while connecting the battery and the clearomizer. It also has built-in protection against battery overheating, overcharge, overdischarge, and overvoltage. All these prevent battery degradation and safety accidents while ensuring tip-top performance throughout vaping gadget life.

  • list icon warranty Design

The CigPOD Starter Kit is designed to look and work great. Its ergonomic shape is excellent for a secure grip and handling for better control, whether you have it on two fingers or in your palm. The mouthpiece gets slimmer and thinner towards the tip and is really comfortable. Though lightweight, it has a durable construction to last many puffs and longer use. Made from anodised aluminium, this vape pod offers a more luxurious metallic appearance, enhanced UV resistance, and is more environment-friendly. It showcases a blend of textures that makes it all the more appealing visually, and it’s also easy to clean. Plus, it comes in a selection of three attractive colours.

  • list icon warranty Use Any Juice

An open pod system, CigPOD features refillable cartridges which means you can enjoy a selection of your favourite e-liquids. Awesome e-liquid flavours to try include USA Mix (Marlborough), British Mix (Benson & Hedges), North Carolin (Pall-mall), Falling Angel, Kiwi Ice Mint, Black Currant Smoothie, Middle East, Double Apple Mint, Melon Mint, FL999, Frozen Romance, Virginia, Strawberry Banana, Relax, Banana Custard and Mango Smoothie. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, these are also available in a variety of nicotine strengths with levels ranging from 0mg to 24mg.

  • list icon warranty Vape Nicotine Salt E-Liquids

Get a taste of the new vaping craze. The VG CigPod is the best pod system you can use any nicotine salt e-juice in. If you haven’t tried nicsalts, yet consider giving them a go. Nicsalts flawlessly replicates the combustible feel and distinct taste of traditional tobacco smoking minus the harsh throat hit. Studies have proven its potency over free-base e-liquids in curbing the bad habit. Offering nicotine in its organic, pure form; vaping nicsalt e-liquids minimises smoke intake and chemicals involved.

  • list icon warranty Easy-to-Use

This vaping gadget is downright user-friendly. Vape instantly without needing to mess around with settings. It has an easy refilling system that requires minimal fuss. Just move the POD back and forth, with a little pressure, to release. Carefully refill the pod via the liquid inlet. Simply click the pod into the vaping device, and you’re ready to go. These refillable pods are built for multiple re-use.

  • list icon warranty VG CigPod Coils Equal Pure Pleasure

The pure pleasure of having the CigPOD starts with the control that it provides over the experience, which is limited with basic e-cigarettes. Its polycarbonate construction brings high durability and nice hand feeling. The flavour of the e-liquids come fresh and authentically pure, unfettered by 100% organic Japanese cotton coil. Its air hole provides good airflow for easy direct lung inhales. Utilising an above-ohm coil resistance, the mouth-to-lung hits you get create a very similar feel to smoking traditional cigarettes thus making this an exceptional tool for transitioning. Take extreme pleasure vaping your pod fresh, up until the last hit. Performance is superior and experience is smooth with its 1.5ml pod capacity.

Pod mods are currently the “big” thing in vaping culture. It’s the on-the-go option for seasoned vapers that require the portability to enjoy soothing puffs anywhere, at any time. It also offers a smooth transition for those hooked on traditional smoking. The Vaping Gadget CigPOD Starter Kit has all the benefits of great pod mods, plus more.


Vaping Better than Smoking, New Zealand Ministry of Health Says


  • icon_toptab Vaping Better than Smoking, New Zealand Ministry of Health Says

Smoking, together with other high-risk ways of tobacco use, is associated with 6 million deaths worldwide, every year. Despite the efforts of the World Health Assembly to eliminate the prevalence of tobacco use, it remains widespread and even increases globally. New Zealand has been aggressively leading this fight with its 2025 goal of keeping traditional cigarette smoking prevalence at a low 5%. Though many countries have reacted negatively to e-cigarettes since its commercial launch, we’ve seen a shift in support. In late 2017, New Zealand Ministry of Health tells MPs that vaping is better than smoking and that there is “emerging evidence they do help people quit”.

Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist and inventor, quit smoking after his father who smoked heavily died of lung cancer. This inspired the development of the modern electronic cigarettes, intended to provide an alternative to smoking. Its design patent was registered in 2003. From the Chinese domestic market, e-cigs found their way to the European and US markets. Dissatisfied users created a demand that led to product design polishes, and eventually, a selection of vaping gadgets were introduced.

  • icon_toptab E-Cigarettes– How It All Started

Did you know that the earliest electronic cigarette can be traced back to 1963? Herbert A. Gilbert patented “a smokeless non-tobacco cigarette” where burning tobacco in paper was replaced with heated, drippy, flavoured air. The patent was granted in 1965 but received little attention because smoking was still fashionable. An invention too ahead of its time, it was never commercialised.

  • icon_toptab Electronic Cigarettes and Intense Debates

Over the past decade, the use of e-cigarettes has changed dramatically. Beyond smoking cessation, vaping has become a culture. Though much less harmful than conventional combustible cigarettes, e-cigs and other vaping devices may still contain varying amounts of nicotine. Thus, they produced disagreements and intense debate among tobacco control and public health researchers and advocates. Arguments revolve around:

  • list icon warranty Pros
  • Lower risks than smoking tobacco
  • Secondhand exposure of bystanders poses no apparent concern
  • Effectively helps in curbing, and eventually quitting tobacco smoking
  • list icon warranty Cons
  • May have health risks
  • Uncertainty on long-term effects
  • Increased nicotine addiction
  • Some young people who tried vaping have never smoked tobacco, so this becomes an introduction to nicotine use.
  • icon_toptab Regulation of Vaping Devices NZ

Even before the swell in vaping popularity, the New Zealand government already has an existing SFEA (Smoke-free Environments Act) 1990 clause banning the import of oral tobacco products. This national policy was used in the regulation of nicotine-containing e-cigarettes and e-liquids, considering them as nicotine delivery devices and non-cigarette tobacco products. But just before the seventh session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 7) at the Framework Convention on Climate Change, among UN participating countries, the NZ government announced the planned amendment of the SFEA to reverse the ban on sales of nicotine for vaping.

  • icon_toptab Lift of Ban on E-Cigs and Vaping Gadgets

The amended regulations include governing marketing, quality of, and access to vaping devices and e-liquids. By mid to late 2018, vape products would be made available where smoking tobacco products can be bought. Marketing of (except point-of-sale advertising), sales to under 18-year-olds, and vaping at work and other where smoking is prohibited under the SFEA would still be restricted. Product safety requirements would also be implemented, for example, on nicotine concentration. Further plans of establishing pre-market approval process for new product and any other existing harm-reduced alternatives to traditional combustible tobacco smoking.

  • icon_toptab Support for Vaping in NZ

Though we’ve seen varied views and mixed support for vaping in New Zealand, the position is changing and shifting towards acceptance. The Ministry of Health, for one, stated in March 2017 that they could not confidently recommend e-cigarettes and other vape gadgets as smoking cessation tools due to insufficient evidence.

But in October 2017, they released an announcement of their intent in supporting smokers to use e-cigarettes as a tool to stop smoking. To do this, they’ve put their focus on harm reduction that will eventually lead to successful cessation. In a survey conducted on NZ smokers, more than half at 58% considered e-cigs as a smoking cessation aid, 41% an acceptable replacement product for nicotine therapy, and a third believed that it could help people who want to quit.

  • icon_toptab Vaping Better than Smoking

In a short span of time, a strong scientific consensus reinforcing that vaping is far better than smoking has been established. Aside from nicotine, combustible cigarettes also consist of 7,000 chemicals with at least 250 known to be harmful. These toxins and carcinogens can cause cancers of the lung, mouth, throat, oesophagus, larynx, liver, kidney, bladder, pancreas, cervix, stomach, colon, and rectum, as well as acute myeloid leukaemia. These can also cause a host of heart and pulmonary diseases, can lead to inflammation, and impair the body’s immune function. And the gravest part of this… is that, smoking is not only harmful to smokers but can also cause as much, if not more harm to non-smokers exposed to tobacco smoke.

E-cigarettes and other vaping gadgets, on the other hand, are stripped of these hundreds of harmful chemicals. Though vaping can still be a method of introducing nicotine to the body, e-liquids can be vaped in varying nicotine strengths. It can even be used without nicotine to satisfy the habit without inducing and feeding the addiction. Starting from stronger to lower concentrations is an excellent way to minimise withdrawal symptoms to aid smokers in their healthy transition to eventually become nicotine free.


CigPOD: Great Things Come In Small Packages


  • icon_toptab CigPOD: Great Things Come In Small Packages

Alright! So you’ve given very serious thought to quitting that bad smoking habit and now you’re actively looking for ways to make sure it happens.

So, what’s the best method of quitting? Going cold turkey? Smoking less at an incremental pace? Working out at an insane level?

Well, here’s another solution: Vape.

Looking for a better solution? Use the CigPOD!

Yeah, it’s basically still smoking, only safer.

Now, before we continue, there have been no conclusive studies showing that vaping is safer than cigarettes. In fact, introducing any foreign elements to your lungs can have disastrous effects on your overall health.

Ok, now that we’ve got that squared away, we’re introducing the CigPOD, an innovative thumb sized vape that could be your first step towards eradicating cigarettes from your life.

  • icon_toptab Why use a POD system?

Most eCigarettes this size are designed for single use or require the use of cartridges that are hard to find and the flavour selection for these cartridges may not appeal to everyone’s discerning tastes. The POD system allows for a more customized vaping experience allowing you to choose the flavours you’d like to use with your device.

It helps that it’s easy to refill the atomizer tank on the CigPOD without the need for other accessories. CigPOD removes all the complexities of vaping and provides a great product that smokers can easily use and understand. Be careful though, this may start you on the journey of acquiring more vaping devices as you begin to enjoy vaping over smoking cigarettes.

  • icon_toptab Why Get The CigPOD?

The CigPOD may be small, but it packs enough punch to hang with the big boys. It’s about the size of your thumb but you’d swear it was bigger, with the vapor it produces!

This is an all-in-one-kit in a super tiny slim compact size that fits easily into any pocket. It also comes with a 1.5mL POD and multiple protection functions to keep you safe during your transition to becoming a full blown vaper. It’s small, portable and functional, perfect for people just like you.

  • icon_toptab Closed POD Systems VS Open Device Systems

Closed POD systems are perfect for those who don’t like to tinker around with their device and just want to get on with the vaping experience. You basically have a device that only takes cartridges specifically designed for the brand and model you purchased. It’s convenient until the manufacturer no longer caters to your specific brand and model. You also have to be content with the flavours provided by the manufacturers. It’s convenient and pretty easy to use but there are some compromises.

Open systems on the other hand are just a step more complicated than closed systems but they open up a world of options in terms of flavors, giving you a better understanding of why vaping has become quite a cultural phenomenon.

So, if you want to quit smoking cigarettes, let CigPOD help you. This tiny device weighs just a little bit more than a pack of cigarettes, is a little bit more pocketable than your favourite brand and is powered by a 370mAh battery which should be more than enough to fulfill your daily needs.